How to Order RS Gold on Runescapeah

For new customers, you may find it a little confused to buy RS gold fastly. Do not worry. This guide will lead you to buy osrs gold and rs 3 gold separately.

Skip into Product page

Actually, there are total two means to get into the product page.

Firstly, you can find that we have divide the rs gold into two part: osrs gold and rs 03 gold.

Secondly, you can skip into the product page from navigation directly.

Choose the Right Quantity

1. You can skip into the product page by clicking “BUY GOLD NOW” in the following image we show you. Now you have seen all the rs gold we offer for you. Choose the right quantity you want to buy and click the “Add to Cart” button.

2. Meanwhile, the quick buy guide can also help you buy RS gold quickly. Just choose the quantity quickly. Notice that the price of the gold you buy is listed just under the quantity. Click the BUY Gold Now button as long as you have decide the amount you would like to buy.

Place your Orders

Then you will see the gold in your shopping cart. And if you still want to buy rs gold for another quantity, just skip into the product page through the mainly two ways we offer you. Add the gold to cart. Give us your information, enter your coupon code if you have one and choose one payment as required. After finish all these, please place orders now.