Old school RuneScape game overview

The official term of the previous version of Jagex is the old school RuneScape. This version was launched in the year 2013 in the month of February. A poll was held and Jagex opened near about 50 servers and also provided free access for a month to all the members as a credit for voting in the poll.

This old-school RuneScape game is quite similar to the Classic version of RuneScape and you can easily play it by using the account which you will use for playing the main version. But in old school RuneScape the stats, quest, and items are non-transferable and separate. It will start on the tutorial Island with the blank character.


In this game, you will find 3 types of level.

  • Level 1: In this level, 50000 votes are required and it is actually the least number of votes. Here you will have to pay $15 off membership fee with no bug fixes and game updates and only the critical maintenance will be provided.
  • Level 2: In this level 25 lakh votes are required with an additional $5 membership fee. You won't be getting any fixes for a critical bug or major updates. There is a development team that is very much small. You will also get a technology for anti-bot when required.
  • Level 3: In this level 50 lakh votes are required and the current membership will be completely free. The technology of anti-bot and continuous updates will be provided when required. All the required maintenance will be done on regular basis.

Difference between the live game and old school

  • For playing old school RuneScape the player must be over 13 years.
  • The graphics are completely basic so it has enhanced models and texture packs.
  • There will be no dungeoneering, invention, summoning and divination skills.
  • For any implementation in this game, it will require 75% of approval that is made by the players by voting.
  • You can find many items which have been discontinued previously. Some newly added items are present in the black party hats and boxing gloves for the beach.

Holiday items:

It was the first thing that was introduced in this game with the help of random drops which was quite identical to the item drops in the original holiday. Only one item will be spawned at a single time in a particular location which will be chosen randomly. This item will be visible for at least 30 minutes or till these items were picked up and it will again respawn.

The player can easily obtain the holiday item when they will kill the Jagex moderator. All the holiday items will be provided in bulk for completing the holiday events. This item will also include all the unique item from the old school like Rainbow party hat.


Summoning: It is a combat skill for the members only which will mainly focus on calling the familiar from the bulk of spirit plane after creating and then using the summoning pouches. The skill will start with the wolf whistle but it is not mandatory to use this skill in the beginning.

Every kind of familiar will be having unique abilities which need the summoning scroll. These families will be having a different kind of uses starting from fighting in the combat to the carrying of items, invisible boots etc.

Dungeoneering: This is a support type of skill which will require while playing this game and it is required for exploring all the dungeons with the help of solving the puzzles by unlocking doors and fighting the monsters and the bosses.

It is one of the most used RuneScape skills which are mainly used for survival by solving the puzzle. The skill is available to both the members and the free players. This Dungeoneering will occur at a place which is underneath the old castle named as Daemonheim. This skill is practiced in a group consisting of 5 people at most.

For playing this game, if you are a beginner then you should go through the tutorials properly. Learn all the skills and practice till it becomes easy for you. It is one of the most popular games and it's quite addictive and requires a proper strategy for leveling up.

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